Valentines Day 2023 found the Beehive Statesmen conducting their annual Singing Valentines, bringing flowers, cards, and love songs to unwary recipients throughout the Salt Lake Valley thanks to their thoughtful loved ones.  Five Statesmen quartets responded to this year's challenge and delivered 92 singing valentines including, for the first time, 12 live remote deliveries via zoom to places as far away as Wisconsin and Minnesota!  While the singing valentines are an important fundraiser to sustain their community service throughout the year, the Statesmen take enormous pleasure in delivering the heartfelt messages intended by the senders and in seeing the emotional faces on the recipients. We are eagerly looking forward to once again performing this service next year.

The Beehive Statesmen Barbershop Chorus presents its annual holiday concert- Home for the Holidays- at 7 pm on December 5, 2022, at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center with guest performers from the Mountain Jubilee Chorus.

The Beehive Statesmen Barbershop Chorus is proud to once again present its traditional free Christmas concert at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center at 7 pm on December 5, 2022. Founded in 1948, the chorus continues the uniquely American tradition of 4-part harmony a’Cappella barbershop music in a manner guaranteed to appeal to music lovers of all ages. Now under the direction of Paul Barlow and Chris Wiggins.

The Double Quartet "Here4U" entertained recently for 2 events at the Apartment Complex called the Anthem and then at Riverton City Chamber of Commerce, and the Harmony was well received by the Audience. The event was honoring Fire, Police, Medical & local businessmen.  The event was called "Knights of Heroes" and was at the Jordan Academy for Technology and Careers. The program started off with "Here4U" singing a 4 part arrangement of The Star Spangled Banner, America the Beautiful, and other favorites.  The Here4U double quartet was greeted with Hawaiian lei's and enjoyed a nice Polynesian dinner with a few Polynesian dancers.  Many compliments were given for the great 4 part entertainment!   

The Power Returns

On Saturday, April 30, 2022 the Beehive Statesmen entered the post-pandemic era with a pair of great shows. Using a modified version of their famed 3n1 format, the Statesmen did shows at two senior living facilities, Sagewood and Anthology, both in South Jordan. Under the direction of Paul Barlow and Chris Wiggins, the Statemen rang chords, thundered uplifting songs and whispered sweet blessings. The audiences were also treated to the dulcet tones of four quartets, Memories Grow, Here Four You, Beehive Blend, and Fourth Street. The audiences, of about fifty each, were very appreciative and requested (demanded) that we return for Christmas.

In grand Beehive Statesmen fashion, the quartet "Here 4 You" plus1 entertained with excellence on Valentine's Day.  It was all smiles! Heartwarming love songs were the bright spot of the Day!

In spite of Covid restrictions, the Statesmen were able to deliver Singing Valentines this year both in-person and by delivering virtual Singing Valentines to recipients far away!  Barbershoppers everywhere know that nothing beats the look of surprise and appreciation on the faces of those being recognized by their loved ones!

Looking forward to next year!