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At this present time, The Beehive Statesmen Chorus or Quartets will not be excepting invitations to sing at various functions, until further notice due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Sorry for any inconvience.

Due to the spread of the Covid -19 virus and our current health emergency...All Beehive Statesmen weekly rehearsals are canceled until further notice.  We'll restart the fun as soon as possible..  Thanks!   Be Safe!  Harmonize at HOME!

During May of 2019, the Beehive Statesmen presented four shows, including shows in West Valley, South Jordan, and Draper. 

This marks an expansion of the Statesmen's service area which heretofore had been mostly relegated to the North East and East Central regions of the city.

The Statesmen, who sing as a service to senior care facilities, and 'because it is fun', have presented seven shows in 2019 and plan to present a total of 25 shows by years end.

Pirate Invasion

The hallowed halls of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers (SUP) building were invaded on June 1st and 2nd by dozens of fearsome buccaneers sailing in on the S. S. Lida Rose. The pirates, led by Captain Penny Peshell and First Officer Paul Barlow, arrived just in time to start celebrating the 70th birthday of the Beehive Statesmen Barbershop Chorus. Both the Friday evening show, and the Saturday matinee, were loaded with privateers, barbershop classic choral pieces, barbershop quartets, and one-legged jokes.

The Statesmen, presenting their 70th annual Spring show as part of their 70th birthday party, were supported by 3 quartets, 4th Street, SLiC City, and Staying Alive.