Our Directors



                Penny Peshel

Classically trained in voice, Penny has performed in Operas such as “La Grotta di Trofonio,” and “Dialogues des Carmélites.¨ She has traveled with various performing groups to destinations including China, Italy, Germany, Washington D.C., San Francisco, etc.  She has competed in International Singing Competitions, and dabbled in directing a few stage plays.

With a bachelor’s degree in Vocal Music and choral conducting, Penny trained under Dr. Reed Criddle.  She has also worked with Dr. Ed Thompson, Tori Postma, Beth Bruce, Serena Kanig-Benish,  and others.

Penny has been teaching private and group vocal lessons, and currently directs the Beehive Statesmen Chorus.  She has worked in the Entertainment Industry as the Head Booking Agent  for Stars Talent Studio where she helped cast TV, movies, commercial, and print ads for ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, Hallmark, IHC, Questar Gas, Rhodes Rolls, etc.  She has worked as an assistant producer on projects including The forgotten Carols, 2015 EFY Music Album, Relative Race TV show.


Penny loves to travel and experience other cultures.  In addition to singing, Penny plays the fiddle, piano, and guitar but she states that singing is her first love.  Penny speaks Spanish fluently.  She lived in Spain for 18 months, and served as a volunteer teacher in Ghana, Africa for 2 months.  Penny likes to make silly home movies with her nephew.



                Paul Barlow


Our assistant director Paul Barlow has been singing Barbershop ever since his wife told him he needed to get out of the house and go sing.  That happened just before the birth of his third child Bethany, so he has been doing this thing for over 24 years.  Music has always been a big part of Paul’s life.  His mom wouldn’t let him quit piano lessons which he took from 2nd or 3rd grade until he left for college.  She would listen while he was practicing and correct him from the other room if he missed a note.  “Try a B flat” she would holler from the kitchen.  Paul learned to harmonize on the many road trips his family would take and a lot of the time was singing in the car.  When he sat next to his mom in church she would often sing the tenor line with her pretty soprano voice.  It was almost like a descant.   

His other musical accomplishments include playing the Tuba and Sousaphone in High School and for the BYU Cougar Marching Band, Singing in various Quartets over the years as a lead and tenor, and singing in countless church choirs.  He is recently singing with two local chapter quartets; 4th Street, with Doug Jones, Lee Taylor and Jim Gallagher and SLiC City with Jeff Luck, Scott Allred and John Close.   

When Paul isn’t singing Barbershop (which he does at least 3 nights a week) you can find him in his Dental office working on peoples smiles, working in his yard doing the gardening, or traveling with his wife and family.   

Paul is married to Cindy, his wife of 33 years, and has 4 wonderful and musically talented children; Aaron and his wife Chanel, Brooke, Bethany and her husband Nick and David.  None of this would have been possible without the loving support of his family and especially his wife.