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Each Quartet arranges for their own Singouts, and determines their own fees.
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Paul Barlow (Tenor)

Doug Jones (Lead)

Jim Gallagher (Bass)

Lee Taylor (Baritone)

4th Street,  a quartet named for a street… how original.

Paul Barlow Tenor, Doug Jones Lead, Lee Taylor Baritone, and Jim Gallagher Bass,

This Quartet of Barbershoppers have been singing together for quite a few years.

Paul Is the Assistant Director for the Beehive Statesmen and has been singing Barbershop for over 24 years

Doug  is the Newest member of the Barbershop Community having only been singing with the Beehive Statesmen for a mere 21 years.

Lee,  is a member of both The Beehive Statesmen, and the Utah Valley Chapter, and has been singing Barbershop since they invented Dirt.

Jim,  Well Jim is the consummate Bass having been singing Barbershop since before they invented dirt.

Together they just love to perform for audiences of all ages.

Contact: Doug Jones    [email protected]




Paul Barlow (Tenor)

Jeff Luck (Lead)

John Close (Bass)

Scott Allred (Baritone)




Jim Davis (Lead)

Steve Smith            (Baritone)

Ted Pierce (Bass)

Chris Wiggins (Tenor) 












With a wide bass, tall tenor, engaging lead, and silver-toned baritone, SLiC City has been enchanting audiences from Odgen to Provo for over a year.  Specializing in love songs, SLiC City is available for corporate, church, and personal events most evening and weekends.

Contact : John Close at j[email protected]





The Deck of Bards

Contact: Jim Davis, [email protected]




Recent Quartets

Devon Nish,  Bryan CLose,
Jan VanderHooft,  Tom Melville


Devon Nish,  Gary Van Ekelenburg,
Ed Moss, George Brown 

Quin Peck, Nick Pond
Brian Ricks, Spencer Peck



1st Place Winners - 2007 VLQ Contest


2nd Place - 2006 VLQ Contest

Quin Peck, Nick Pond
Randy Heaps, Spencer Peck




Emeritus Quartets




1992 Senior International Champions


2nd Place - 2006 VLQ Contest




Unita Barbershop

Doug Stone, Jim Gallagher, Jan Vanderhooft, Lee Taylor

Are you inta barbershop ?   Well, they’re into barbershop.  They have been together as a quartet for a little over seven years and if you combine the number of years that these four have been singing barbershop it comes out to about 90 years! Both the baritone, Lee Taylor, and the bass, Jim Gallagher, have each been "inta" barbershop for around 35 years. All four have been members of the Beehive Statesmen Chorus for most of their time singing together, and the quartet is a registered member of the Barbershop Harmony Society. Uinta Barbershop has competed nine times in the past seven years in the Rocky Mountain District of the Barbershop Harmony Society. In those contests, they finished in the top ten once, and took 11th place an unprecedented five times!

Uinta Barbershop ?   Yes !     THEY ARE INTO BARBERSHOP !


      Doug Stone,    Jim Gallagher,   Jan Vanderhooft,   Lee Taylor




Devon Nish, Gary Van Ekelenburg, Ed Moss, George Brown

Story coming soon.









Quinton Peck, Nick Pond, Brian Ricks, Spencer Peck

       ALL-A-CHORD has been together as an official Barbershop Quartet since February 2008, and competed as a Novice Quartet at the Rocky Mountain District's Fall 2008 Convention, held in Colorado Springs, CO at the end of September. Although they did not place in the Top Three, they did very well for their first time on stage. They have been singing together for quite a while prior to officially registering with the Barbershop Harmony Society, because they are definitely Family & Friends, and all from Tooele County, Utah.

       Quin (or Quinton) Peck is the youngest and he sings Tenor, and his father, Spencer Peck sings Baritone. They both live in Tooele. Quin's grandfather, Nick Pond lives in Stansbury Park, and is their Lead singer. Their good friend Brian Ricks, lives in Stansbury Park and sings Bass.

"Let us bust a chord or two, and then you'll know it's true, that a song makes things go right."

2007 Beehive Boys

Back Row: Lee Taylor, Bob Ferreri, Ryan Riches, Jim Gallagher, "Doc" Gold, Ed Moss
Middle Row: Paul Sorenson, Gary Van Ekelenburg, Gene Miner, Dexter Forbush, Sharon Gardner
Front Row: George Brown, Doug Stone, Joseph Stone, Jacob Stone, Devon Nish


       In April, 2007, our latest edition of the Beehive Boys VLQ (Very Large Quartet) appeared in the Rocky Mountain District's Spring Convention VLQ Contest, held in Ogden, UT. Amidst very tight competition, our Boys managed to eke out the 1st Place Honors. Give a hand for the Beehive Boys.


2006 Beehive Boys

Upper row: Lee Taylor, Gene Miner, Jim Gallagher, Gary Van Ekelenburg, Tom Melville
Middle row: Paul Sorenson, Ed Belliston, David Edwards, Ed Moss
Lower row: Sharon Gardner, George Brown, Doug Stone, Devon Nish


     Looks like a lot of singers for a quartet, doesn’t it? Annually, the Rocky Mountain District holds a contest for Very Large Quartets (VLQ.) In 2006, representing the Salt Lake City Chapter, the BEEHIVE BOYS took 2nd place among very fierce competition.



Harmony Hi-Jinks Quartet

Pictured left to right: Darrell Beckstrom, Carlo Perkins, Vic Williams, Charlie Bell
       The Harmony Hi-Jinks is a men’s quartet that sings the Barbershop style of close harmony. They also sing songs from other music styles. They have had frequent requests for more information about the individual members and the activities of the group.The quartet began in 1974 when four former quartet members got together. A short time later they heard of a comedy quartet contest in Oceanside, California. They went and won first place. The quartet has entertained thousands of people ever since. They are dedicated to producing wholesome harmony and comedy routines, to enable their listeners to relax and forget their troubles.

Darrel Beckstrom,   Carlo Perkings,   Vic Williams,   Charley Bell  

One More Time

One More Time's motto is, "if things improve with age, our quartet must be approaching magnificent!" They have a collective chronological age of 266 years. They've accumulated a collective 150 years of membership in the Barbershop Harmony Society and almost that much in the Salt Lake Beehive Statesmen Chapter. Two members of the group have sung together in an organized quartet for thirty-six years. Counting experience with other quartets, they collectively have 100 years experience singing in organized quartets. During their quartet experiences, they boast two international gold medals, two District champion pins, and one International Seniors Quartet gold medal, which they won in 1992 in Long Beach, California. Ron Rumell passed away in 2005, and Jimmy Wheeler passed away in 2006. They are now singing in the CHAPTER ETERNAL.

Pictured left to right: Jimmy Wheeler, Ron Rumell, Milt Christensen, Bob Evans