Valentines 2024...A Big Hit



Six quartets from the Beehive Statesmen Barbershop Chorus were out all day February 14th delivering 75 valentines to approximately 600 people.  The quartets doing all this service were: Beehive Blend, Here 4 You, Memories Grow, The 4 Decades, 4 Hearts, and 4th Street.  We sang for school groups and classes, assisted living luncheons, surgical center staffs and patients, families, offices workers and employees, staff meetings, not to mention individuals in homes and at front doors. These also included spouses, grandparents, sweethearts, friends, BFFs, and even virtual valentines via zoom. For this writer and many of the men in the chorus this is our favorite day of the year.  As lifetime barbershopper Sharon Gardener used to say, “After singing valentines all day in a quartet, anything else is like kissing your sister”.