Front to Front!

Front to Front

During the weekend of September 22, 2018 the Beehive Statesmen Barbershop Chorus traveled from the Wasatch Front to the Front Range to participate in the Rocky Mountain District Convention in Colorado Springs. The convention, which is centered around the chorus and quartet competitions, also provides an opportunity for both good food and great fellowship. This year the Statesmen competed with “Wink and a Smile” and “How Deep is the Ocean”, scoring in the mid to upper 60’s. The chorus was well represented in the quartet competition by two quartets, 4th Street, a veteran quartet that finished in the top 10, and Scraps, a brand new quartet that presented a ‘lost’ Lou Perry chart called “That Crummy Old Quartet of Mine” and scored in the mid-fifties. Next year the Rocky Mountain District convention returns to Cheyenne Wyoming.