Beehive Statesmen...3 Concerts in 1 day!

On Saturday, July 15th, the Beehive Statesmen, under the direction of Penny Peshell and Paul Barlow, held concerts at three different venues, the William G. Christoffersen Veteran's Home, the Wentworth at East Millcreek assisted living center, and the Wellington assisted living center.  The chorus was assisted by the efforts of three barbershop quartets, 4th Street, SLiC City, and the Deck of Bards.  The chorus, and quartets, sang a variety of love songs, some relatively modern, some over 100 years old.  The love songs were augmented by several patriotic pieces, as well as a few religious tunes.  The Statesmen were warmly received by all three audiences and are eager to revisit each of the senior centers in the near future.  

Special thanks go out to all the Statesmen, who gave up their Saturdays to attend this event, as well as all the quartet members, Sharon for handling the risers, and Steve Smith who helped organize the event.