Beehive Statesmen 2016 Season Kick Off !

It was a great evening. as the Beehive Statesmen kicked off their 2016 season.  There were 8 new guests in attendance, and their voices blended well as 2 new songs were introduced.  "Danny Boy" and "Yes Sir, Thats My Baby"
The concentration level was " LIKE NO OTHER"  as demonstrated in the picture listed.  There was a great Tag taught by the "Tagmaster" Jim Gallagher called "Lollipops & Roses" The guests enjoyed some "Tag Quarteting" activites, which were alot of fun! Several old favorites were brought back to sing as well.  Irving Berlin's... Always, There's No Business Like Show Business.  A fun love song... I Don't Know Why was also brought back to our song list for the new year.   The chorus also enjoyed some fun Videos from Harmony University, the Barbershop learning capital of the World!    It was a great night!    Come Join the fun next week...January 20, 2016